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Goal: Hang guitars on wall... again -- this time for good.

Challenge: Old walls that won't hold onto ANYTHING

Solution: Utilize the crown molding and circumvent the tricky wall altogether

Supplies: Molding Hangers + Fishing Line

Total Cost: Under $10

Total Time: Under 10 mins

This Andersonville apartment, built in the 1930's, is big on charm but when it came to decorating proved to be a constant challenge. Uneven, crumbly walls refused to hold more than a simple nail, and sometimes not even that.


In an effort to hang the guitars in a way that was functional, decorative, and efficient this client thought he'd solved the problem when a professional handyman finally got the guitar mounts anchored and drilled into the wall, only to have them fall out, and the guitars end up on the floor.

Rather than attempting to re-hang the guitar mounts, Sunshine prescribed taking advantage of the existing crown molding and utilizing an old schoolhanging technique: hang the guitars directly from the molding using molding hangers and fishing line. Voilà! A creative, mess- and hassle-free solution.

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